2014 Results

September 14, 2014

New sponsorship information

November 27, 2013

2013 AGM

November 25, 2013

2013 Mountain Trial Cancellation update

October 9, 2013

2013 Mountain Trial Cancelled

September 16, 2013

Helping at the Trial

July 10, 2009

Membership of the LDMTA

September 12, 2011

  2014 Results

The Results are now available here .

  New Sponsorship Information

We are delighted to announce that Lyon Equipment are continuing their generous sponsorship of the Lake District Mountain Trial. The sponsorship will now be under the La Sportiva brand so the Trial will become The La Sportiva Lake District Mountain Trial. The date for the 2014 Trial is Sunday 14th September.

  The 2013 LDMTA AGM

The AGM was held on Friday 22nd November at Wilf’s Cafe, Staveley. Sue Parkin received a special award from the president to mark the work she has done as the planner in recent years.
After the AGM, Helene Whitaker gave an inspiring illustrated talk about the 2012 Dragon's Back where she was first woman and 4th overall, contrasting it with the 1992 event when she and Martin Stone were the winners. Helene is pictured here.

  2013 Mountain Trial Cancellation update

We want to thank competitors for their understanding of the reasons for the cancellation of this year's Mountain Trial .
The LDMT committee have decided that the unused maps will be sent out to all competitors.
Also, thanks to the very generous support of our sponsor, La Sportiva, we will be offering 2013 entrants a £5 discount for the entry to next year's race


  2013 Mountain Trial Cancelled

We want to express our apologies that we were not able to stage the Mountain Trial this year. All the key officials were really keen that the Trial should go ahead if at all possible; it has never previously been cancelled simply for bad weather.

As you know, we had several days’ warning of the depression, but the exact timing and intensity are never certain. As it was, the timing could hardly have been worse with the high winds starting at 7 a.m. and heavy rain following a few hours later. It only started to improve in mid-afternoon.

When one set of marshals understandably said that they couldn’t reach the first control, the two of us volunteered to start early and take the SI box. However, reports soon followed of extreme weather conditions and of other marshals who could not reach their positions. It was becoming clear that conditions were too severe, even for the experienced fell runners who enter the trial. So very reluctantly the decision was taken to cancel and we are very grateful for the understanding that you all showed. We know that some people had travelled a long way to compete.

On our trip up the fell, we found that conditions were just about manageable in many places although often it was a battle against the wind and visibility was just a few yards. However, the wind was particularly strong on the high passes and it was obvious that traversing exposed ridges and summits would be out of the question.

We are grateful to those of you who volunteered to run up to some of the checkpoints to inform the marshals of the cancellation. On their return, those runners confirmed that while it was quite enjoyable to nip up and back down, the conditions were not suitable for a long difficult race.

A further factor was that the heavy rain in the late morning was sufficient to put the becks in spate and crossing what are normally minor streams became difficult and dangerous. David had to climb half way back up the hillside he had just descended in order to find a feasible crossing place of a stream at the head of Langstrath.

You will understand that most of the costs of staging the Trial were incurred even though we had to cancel. We have a meeting of the LDMTA committee in two weeks’ time and I will email you again after that to say what we will be doing about the entry fees.

I’m sure you’ll join us in thanking the many helpers and marshals as well as Borrowdale Youth Hostel and Petzl our sponsors.

David & Miriam Rosen Organisers


  Helping at the Trial

We are always looking for people with some experience of the Mountain Trial to come and help at the venue or marshal on the hill.

Contact David & Miriam Rosen if you’re interested.


  Membership of the LDMTA

For £5 per year:

  • You support the organisation
  • free entry to the AGM celebrity talk.  
  • a chance of winning the LDMT prize.  
  • 10% discount at Pete Bland Sports.  

Purchase your  membership  at the LDMTA table at next year's event or through the membership secretary.
You can download a membership form here.





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